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Aeroponic cloning is a revolutionary approach to propagating plants that has gained increasing popularity among both professional growers and hobbyists alike. At its core, aeroponic cloning is the process of propagating your favorite healthy plants without soil, suspending the cuttings in air, and misting their roots with nutrient-rich water. This method provides plants with optimal access to oxygen, water, and nutrients, ultimately promoting rapid root development, healthier plants, and higher success rates.

In our opinion, the best aeroponic cloner is the EZ Clone Low Pro 128 Cloning System because of how effective yet user-friendly it is. It is a sophisticated system engineered to provide up to 128 plants with the perfect environment for growth.

Best Aeroponic Cloner

As opposed to traditional soil-based methods or even hydroponic systems, aeroponic cloners offer quicker, cleaner, and more efficient results for growers. By eliminating the need for soil and minimizing the contact between roots and any potential contaminants, aeroponic cloning reduces the risk of diseases while simultaneously harnessing the ability to tightly control all environmental factors.

When choosing an aeroponic cloner, it’s essential to consider factors that will determine the efficiency and success of your grow operation. Key aspects include the capacity (number of clones it can hold), durability of materials, ease of use, and the type of watering system. Additionally, you want to ensure the cloner generates the right amount of humidity and delivers a consistent mist onto the roots of your plants for effective nutrient uptake. Of course, hardcore enthusiasts can even try building your own aeroponic cloner!

With these critical details in mind, we’ve conducted extensive research and tested numerous models to identify the best aeroponic cloner on the market. Join us as we explore the world of aeroponic cloning and unveil the top systems that will give you the highest level of performance, quality, and convenience you deserve.

Our Top Picks for Best Aeroponic Cloner Machine

Best large aeroponic cloning machine: EZ Clone Low Pro 128 Cloning System
Best small aeroponic cloner: TurboKlone T24D with Built-in Fan and Humidity Dome
Best value aeroponic cloner: Clone King 36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine

Best Aeroponic Cloners

We’ve researched and compiled a list of the top aeroponic cloners available today. Check out our recommendations below to find the perfect one for your gardening needs.

EZ Clone HGC706384 Low Pro 128 Cloning System

EZ Clone HGC706384 Low Pro 128 Cloning System

  • The EZ-CLONE® Low Pro 128 is a dedicated aeroponic system designed for easy operation and high yield.
  • Suspends the plant base in air, where it’s gently misted with an oxygen-rich solution.
  • Setup is simple and requires minimal maintenance.
  • No need for a humidity dome as cuttings don’t dry out, allowing plants to breathe and transpire.
  • Reduces the risk of airborne fungi such as powdery mildew and eliminates plant stress.
  • Package includes a 128 Site Lid and Reservoir, Clone Collars, Custom size Manifold, 360° Misters, a 750 GPH Water Pump, Sample Clear Rez solution and Rooting Compound, and a product warranty.
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The EZ Clone HGC706384 Low Pro 128 Cloning System is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to streamline their plant cloning process.

  • Efficient cloning process
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Leak-proof reservoir
  • Humidity dome not included
  • Can be cumbersome in size
  • Pump may require replacement

Using the EZ Clone HGC706384 Low Pro 128 Cloning System has made cloning plants a breeze for us. The overall height of the system has been reduced while increasing the structural integrity of the proprietary lid and reservoir. The improved design ensures a leak-proof setup and the UV-protected HDPE plastic construction ensures durability.

The EZ Clone system comes with a powerful water pump that has an extended baseplate and additional suction cups to prevent tipping – a key feature when working with delicate plant cuttings. We found that the rooting process took merely 7 days, during which the multi-colored cloning collars helped in the identification of different plant strains.

However, we observed that the lack of a humidity dome can be detrimental to the cloning process. Despite the product description claiming you can manage without one, we lost a couple of cloning batches before deciding to use a humidity dome for better results. Also, the size of the system can be a bit cumbersome and may not be suitable for those with limited space.

Another aspect to be mindful of is that the water pump may fail, as some users reported encountering issues after extended use. We recommend having a backup pump on hand or being prepared to replace the pump if necessary.

Overall, the EZ Clone HGC706384 Low Pro 128 Cloning System simplifies the plant cloning process and is a valuable tool for avid gardeners and horticulturists. However, consider investing in a humidity dome and be prepared for potential pump issues for an optimal experience.

TurboKlone E144D Elite 144 Site Aeroponic Cloner

TurboKlone E144D Elite 144 Site Aeroponic Cloner

  • Comprehensive self-cloning system with vented humidity dome for adjustable ventilation
  • 4,800 RPM Elite Series fan for enhanced oxygen flow, cooler temperatures, and quicker rooting
  • Reinforced basin for secure transportation
  • Heat-resistant coating for maintained cool, efficient interior temperature
  • Alphanumeric, color grid system for easy plant variety distinction
  • Dimensions: 46 x 21 x 17 inches; Weight: 28 pounds
  • Largest self-cooled Cloning System on the market with 144 clone sites
  • Suitable for large-scale or commercial growing
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We recommend the TurboKlone E144D Elite for those looking for a large, efficient, and easy-to-use aeroponic cloner with added features for commercial or large-scale growing environments.

  • Large self-cooling cloning system
  • Powerful 4,800 RPM Elite Series fan
  • Alphanumeric grid system and colored collars for easy clone tracking
  • Some users reported broken or malfunctioning components upon arrival
  • Humidity dome may not seal properly for all units
  • Keyhole knobs on the motor might break during installation

We recently used the TurboKlone E144D Elite aeroponic cloner with a humidity dome and Klone collars, and we were impressed by its capacity and efficiency. The large self-cloning system allows you to take care of up to 144 clones at once, which is excellent for commercial or large-scale growing environments. The heat-resistant coating and powerful 4,800 RPM fan keep the system cool and well-ventilated, allowing for faster rooting and optimal clone growth.

One of our favorite features of the TurboKlone E144D Elite is the alphanumeric grid system and color-separated clone collars. It makes it incredibly easy to plan and track our clones without any confusion. It’s almost like playing a game of Battleship – we can easily identify which clone is in which site.

However, we also noted some drawbacks to this product. A few users experienced broken components, such as sprayers or fans, upon receiving the system. Additionally, some reported that the humidity dome did not seal properly, which might affect humidity levels during propagation. Lastly, the keyhole knobs on the motor may break during installation, so be cautious when assembling this cloner system.

Despite these potential issues, the TurboKlone E144D Elite remains a top choice for those seeking a large, efficient, and organized aeroponic cloner. The pros outweigh the cons for most users, and the extra features make this system perfect for commercial or large-scale growing environments.

DL Wholesale Psycloner Pro Clone Machine

DL Wholesale Psycloner Pro Clone Machine

  • A plant cutting and rooting germination kit.
  • Features neoprene inserts to securely hold plant clones.
  • Compact design maximizes plant capacity in small spaces.
  • User-friendly and can be set up quickly.
  • Engineered for effective water delivery through an aeroponic sprayer manifold for fast growth.
  • Includes a humidity dome to foster a beneficial growth environment and prevent transplant shock.
  • Includes a water pump with a sprayer manifold. The design guarantees all cuttings receive an adequate, even water supply.
  • ABS plastic propagation tray protects roots from light damage and promotes evaporation cooling.
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The DL Wholesale Psycloner Pro Clone Machine is a reliable choice for those looking to propagate plant cuttings in a compact and efficient aeroponic system.

  • User-friendly setup and design
  • Effective water delivery with aeroponic sprayer manifold
  • Comes with a humidity dome for an optimal growing environment
  • Issues with dome vents and fitting
  • Water leakage reported by some users
  • Unclear instructions for metal canopy support

We recently tried out the 70 site DL Wholesale Psycloner Pro Clone Machine and found it to be an easy-to-use aeroponic system for plant cuttings. With its unique design and efficient water delivery, our plants experienced rapid root growth. There is a 35 site and 140 site cloner available too.

The Psycloner’s compact design allowed us to fit more plants in a smaller space, and the neoprene inserts kept our plant clones securely in place. We appreciated the addition of a humidity dome, which seemed to create an ideal growing environment and prevent transplant shock.

However, we did encounter some issues with the Psycloner. The dome vents appeared to be broken upon arrival, and there were some difficulties with getting the lid to fit properly. Additionally, the metal canopy support was somewhat difficult to understand and use, ultimately resulting in a sagging canopy. Some water leakage was also experienced, though not a major hindrance to the overall performance.

In conclusion, the DL Wholesale Psycloner Pro Clone Machine is a user-friendly and efficient aeroponic cloner for plant cuttings. Despite some minor issues, it still offers an effective water delivery system, a compact design, and a beneficial growing environment, making it worth considering for those interested in plant propagation.

CLONE KING 36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine

CLONE KING 36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine

  • The Clone King 36 sprays suspended cuttings with an oxygenated mist, leading to fast root growth.
  • The system is cost-effective and suitable for cloning all plant types.
  • It achieves a 100% success rate, facilitating rapid root development and greater yields.
  • It can root between 1 to 25 cuttings simultaneously.
  • 13 spray heads for unmatched coverage
  • Includes reservoir, lid, spray manifold with misters, submersible pump (317GPH), and inserts. Requires only light
  • Easy-to-follow detailed instructions for effortless cloning
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Achieve your cloning goals with this efficient and affordable 36 site aeroponic cloning machine.

  • Easy setup and usage
  • High success rate
  • Quick root development
  • Noisy operation
  • Fragile mist emitters
  • Requires regular maintenance

The Clone King 36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine promises excellent results for plant cloning. We found the machine to be very user-friendly, even for beginners, as it can be set up and running within 30 minutes. This machine makes cloning simple and hassle-free, resulting in a 100% success rate when following the provided instructions.

This aeroponic cloning machine provides impressive root development, with roots beginning to appear in as little as 3-5 days for most varieties. The rapid growth helps ensure your clones are ready to transplant into your preferred growing medium within 10-14 days. Additionally, the Clone King 36 can handle anywhere from 1 to 25 cuttings, making it a versatile option for your cloning needs.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the machine can be quite noisy during operation. You may want to consider placing it in a separate space, like a garage or under a carport, to minimize disturbance. The mist emitters are also somewhat fragile, so handle them with caution during setup and maintenance. To ensure optimal performance, it’s crucial to keep the machine clean and well-maintained.

Overall, we highly recommend the Clone King 36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine for its efficiency, user-friendliness, and outstanding cloning results.

HORTIPOTS Aeroponic Cloner Machine 24 Site

HORTIPOTS Aeroponic Cloner Machine 24 Site

  • Part of the HortiPots Cloning Machines series, available in 24, 48, or 96 site versions.
  • Uses popular 2-inch clone collars.
  • Aeroponic propagator cloning system that roots cuttings in 4-10 days.
  • Easy assembly with a guide and cloning tips included.
  • Comes with a free special-made foldable clear humidity dome.
  • Dome prevents leaf transpiration and initial transplant shock, especially in dry environments.
  • Designed with multiple cords outlets and air venting/circulating on top lid.
  • Doesn’t require air pump for oxygenation or heat management.
  • Uses a smaller water pump and generates less heat in water.
  • Pump is UL-listed for safe use and includes pre-filter housing to prevent clogging and water leaking.
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This HORTIPOTS Aeroponic Cloner Machine is a reliable choice for those looking to simplify their cloning experience and achieve successful results.

  • Industry-made aeroponic propagator cloning system
  • Includes propagation dome
  • Efficient design that requires no air pump
  • Made of relatively thin plastic material
  • Certain parts may fit loosely
  • Water pump could be problematic for some users

We have been using the HORTIPOTS Aeroponic Cloner Machine and are genuinely pleased with its performance. The industry-made design ensures a streamlined cloning experience, and the 24-site capacity allows for a good number of cuttings to be rooted simultaneously. Rooting cuttings take between 4 to 10 days, providing consistent success rates with every use.

The aeroponic cloner machine comes with a clear, foldable humidity dome that helps prevent leaf transpiration and transplant shock during the initial hours of cloning. This is especially helpful for those of us in drier growing environments.

We also appreciate the design of the HORTIPOTS Cloner Machine, which does not require an air pump. The multiple cord outlets and air venting system on the top lid provide optimal oxygen and circulation within the growing chamber. The patent-pending spray manifold with smaller water pump also generates less heat in water, making the cloning environment more conducive for the plants.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the plastic material used in constructing the cloner machine is on the thinner side, which could be a durability concern for some users. Additionally, we’ve encountered some issues with loose-fitting parts, including the tray and acrylic cover. While these issues may be bothersome, they do not detract from the overall efficacy of the cloner machine.

In conclusion, the HORTIPOTS Aeroponic Cloner Machine effectively streamlines the cloning process and delivers consistently successful results. Despite a few issues and concerns with its materials and parts, we believe it is a worthy investment for those looking to simplify their cloning experience.

TurboKlone T24D with Built-in Fan and Humidity Dome

TurboKlone T24D with Built-in Fan and Humidity Dome

  • Available in 24- and 48-site versions
  • The T24D includes a vented humidity dome for enhanced root growth.
  • T24 features a Patented Fan System for water temperature reduction.
  • T24’s compact design enables easy transportation and storage in small spaces.
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The TurboKlone T24D is an excellent choice for propagating a wide variety of plants aeroponically, offering an efficient and easy-to-use system.

  • High success rate in propagating root growth
  • Excellent humidity control with the included dome
  • Capable of cloning various plants
  • Molded frame is sturdy and well-designed
  • Pump placement is not ideal
  • Pump failure or seizure is possible with extended use
  • Lack of adjustable vents in the humidity dome

We recently had the opportunity to test out the TurboKlone T24D Cloning System for 24 sites, and overall, our experience has been positive. There is T48D version as well.

The TurboKlone Cloning System has proven to be highly successful in propagating root growth, boasting an impressive success rate. The vented dome included with the system provides excellent humidity control, eliminating the need for users to manually adjust vents and removing any guesswork. However, this does limit the ability to gradually change the humidity level for those who desire more precise control. We were able to achieve successful growth using just a single 40w CFL light, making it a cost-effective option for hobbyists.

We found the TurboKlone to be versatile and capable of cloning various plants, including roses, tomatoes, and seed starters. Using a cloning gel, such as Rootech, has yielded even higher success rates, so we recommend considering its use.

The molded frame of the device is sturdy and well-designed, with an inset that securely holds 1.5” plugs in place, preventing them from falling through into the reservoir.

One drawback we noticed is the placement of the pump, which is positioned quite high in the cloner. As a result, when the water level lowers after a day or two, the pump may stop working, which can lead to the death of seedlings if not addressed promptly.

Some users have reported issues with the pump, such as it not restarting without assistance after the power is turned on or the pump seizing up after a few months of use. It’s important to note that our own experience has been positive so far, with two successful runs, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the pump’s performance.

Ultimately, the TurboKlone T24D Aeroponic Cloner is a fantastic option for those seeking an efficient, space-saving, and easy-to-use system for propagating a wide variety of plants. The device’s solid construction and the ability to customize plug placement make it a reliable and user-friendly option. While there are a few minor drawbacks, they do not outweigh the overall performance and value provided by this product.

GrowBright OctoCloner 8-Site Aeroponic Cloning System

GrowBright OctoCloner 8-Site Aeroponic Cloning System

  • Complete 8-site aeroponic cloning machine
  • Includes a 5-gallon black bucket reservoir, Factory-molded 8-site lid, (8) radial-punch neoprene collars, 250 GPH pump, Manifold stem, and two 365° rotary sprayers
  • Electrical (submersible pump): 28 watts, .23 apms @120v with a standard 3-prong grounded plug
  • Comes with full instructions
  • Assembled system measures: 14-1/4” Tall x 12” Wide
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Efficient and affordable aeroponic cloner that offers quick and successful plant cloning for any grower.

  • Complete 8-site aeroponic cloning system
  • Rapid root growth and high success rate
  • Comes with full instructions and tips for success
  • Missing some essential parts in some cases
  • No nutrients included
  • Pump might require adjustment to avoid overwatering

The GrowBright OctoCloner is an 8-site aeroponic cloning system that promises to quickly and easily clone your favorite plants. We just used this system, and we were delighted with the results. Taking cuttings was effortless, and they established rooted clones in as little as 7 days. The factory-molded bucket lid holds the eight neoprene foam collars perfectly and eliminates the need for net pots that block water spray and tangle roots.

The 250 GPH water pump and 360-degree sprayers ensure the clones get the proper water misting needed for rapid root growth. It also comes with a comprehensive instruction manual and a ‘how-to-cut-clones guide’ and ‘tips for success,’ which we found quite helpful. In terms of efficiency and ease of use, the GrowBright OctoCloner is an excellent choice for cloning plants at an affordable price.

However, it’s not a perfect product. We noticed that some users reported receiving kits with missing essential parts like the 365-degree sprayers. The nutrient solution required to operate the system successfully isn’t included either, so you’ll need to purchase it separately. Additionally, the water pump might need some adjustments to avoid overwatering the clones. But overall, these issues are minor compared to the impressive results the GrowBright OctoCloner delivers.

In conclusion, the GrowBright OctoCloner 8-Site Aeroponic Cloning System is an effective and budget-friendly option for anyone looking to clone a few plants quickly and successfully. With its efficient performance, ease of use, and helpful instructions, this system certainly met our expectations and proved to be a valuable addition to any growing setup.

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Buying Guide

When looking for the best aeroponic cloner, we should consider several factors to make an informed decision. In this buying guide, we’ll discuss the features that you should keep in mind while purchasing an aeroponic cloning machine.


First and foremost, consider the capacity of the aeroponic cloner when cloning with aeroponics. How many plants do you want to clone at a time? Aeroponic cloners come in different sizes, with some accommodating as few as 8 plants and others up to 120 or more. Choose the one that best suits your needs.


The material used in constructing the cloner also matters. Look for a cloner that is made of durable materials such as UV-resistant plastic. This will ensure your cloner lasts a long time and can withstand the constant exposure to water and light.

Spray Nozzles

A feature that plays a significant role in the success of cloning is the spray nozzles. The best aeroponic cloners have efficient spray nozzles that deliver a fine mist evenly, ensuring all roots get plenty of oxygen. Check for adjustable and easy-to-clean nozzles to make maintenance simple.

Water Pump and Air Circulation

An efficient water pump and adequate air circulation are critical for healthy root growth. Ensure the cloner you choose has a high-quality water pump and a system that promotes proper air circulation around the roots. Keep an eye out for features such as built-in air stones or diffusers.

Here’s a brief summary table of what to consider when choosing an aeroponic cloner:

FeatureWhat to look for
CapacityChoose a size that accommodates the number of plants you want to clone
MaterialUV-resistant and durable materials for longevity
Spray NozzlesAdjustable and easy-to-clean nozzles
Water PumpEfficient and high-quality water pump
Air CirculationProper air circulation system to promote healthy root growth

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